OCC & Plastic Bale Route

As an efficient way to collect our customers’ baled recycled products, specifically OCC and stretch film, PII offers bale route pick-up services. The bale route collection program provides customers the ability to store recycled products outside, freeing up warehouse and storage space for other products. The bale collection program is economically advantageous to those customers that generate a few tons of OCC per month. Instead of paying a haul charge to have your loose OCC picked up via compactor, installing a down stroke baler and baling your OCC generates a better price for your OCC and eliminates any haul charge. Once a bale is produced, the customer can place the bale in the warehouse or can place the bale outside awaiting pick up. PII works with our customers to identify the proper pick up schedule for the recycled bale products and will alter the schedule to meet our customers’ needs.