Your One-Stop Recycling Solution

High Grade Paper

Pioneer Industries, an expert in high grade paper recycling, is continually seeking new suppliers and customers.

Bulk Grade Paper

We receive and handle huge volumes of OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard), newspaper and other bulk paper.

Obsolete Roll Stock

Pioneer’s roll division successfully handles obsolete and other paper rolls, finding customers for these products.

Plastics & Metals

We handle and process plastics and metals in addition to paper, so we can offer comprehensive recycling programs.

Recycling Programs for Paper Suppliers and Customers

Businesses that generate recyclable materials benefit from implementing a Pioneer Industries recycling program that not only disposes of their materials, but also pays them for it. This new revenue stream comes from our selling of these recyclables to paper distributors, mills and other end users. Pioneer markets and sells our paper, plastic and metal supply companies’ recyclables to our customers, who then use the materials to make other products.

Recycling a Wide Range of Papers and Other Materials

Pioneer Industries has the depth of experience, knowledge and expertise to handle many different recycling materials and waste streams. We recycle many types of papers, including high grade paper, bulk grade material, roll stock and specialty paper. And, in the interest of offering comprehensive recycling programs to our suppliers, we handle their metals, plastics and skidded materials as well.  

Commodity Marketing to End Users Around the World

Pioneer provides our suppliers with commodity marketing services for all grades of fiber and non-fiber. The depth and experience of our organization enable us to market recyclable materials to end users and customers throughout the world. Pioneer’s experience and knowledge of the recycling arena have provided great insight into paper mills’ demands and needs and the seasonality of recycling volume, all of which allow us to offer our suppliers the best possible pricing for their materials.

Pioneer guarantees movement of your recyclable commodities in any business environment so you can focus on running your core business. We enjoy relationships with freight forwarders, steamship lines and export agents, allowing us to ship efficiently into the global marketplace.

Expert Recycling + Exceptional Customer Service

At Pioneer Industries, offering good service is critical to how we operate. Beyond meeting your recycling needs, we provide superior customer service. Every call is answered by a live person, we pick up materials on time, we pay promptly and we give you the best possible pricing. Pioneer is large enough to compete with the biggest companies, and small enough to provide the personal service each customer deserves.