Batliner Recycling in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Recycling and Shredding Company

This plant offers recycling and shredding services to the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The facility receives source-separated materials from suppliers and processes materials for resale to end users. With rail access, our Oklahoma plant is capable of shipping to end users in all parts of the country.

While we handle both single- and dual-stream recycling services from local businesses, this plant also receives residential single-stream materials for processing markets within the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and beyond.

In addition, this plant accepts commingled recyclables from curbside collection programs and mechanically separates the recyclables for resale. Pioneer also operates an OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) bale collection route in the area. 

Pioneer continually invests in the latest technology and equipment. This busy plant has the following assets:

  • 180,000 square-foot processing facility
  • 18 acres
  • Single-stream line
  • Optical sorters
  • Baler
  • Roll cutter
  • Power units
  • Commercial shredder
  • Truck docks
  • Rail docks
  • Pool of trailers

The Oklahoma City sales team is available to visit your site to perform a complimentary audit, discuss your needs and help you identify the savings you will achieve with a Pioneer recycling program.

320 N. McCormick Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

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