Obsolete Roll Stock

Expertise in the Roll Recycling Arena

Handling a Wide Range of Paper Rolls

Because we handle roll stock paper in addition to loose and baled materials, Pioneer Industries is your single source for paper recycling. The Pioneer Industries roll division handles obsolete rolls (including hard and soft white, ledger, and ground wood rolls), job lot rolls, damaged rolls, rolls that are wrapped and capped, and even large rolls of paper. Unlike many other recyclers, we can efficiently handle rolls of all sizes, types and grades, and we have the experience and customer network to sell them to niche markets at advantageous pricing.

Pioneer Offers Obsolete Roll Stock Services

We salvage and repair obsolete roll stock to meet our customers’ needs. Our equipment trims the roll to remove wet or damaged ends. We also resize obsolete diameters and widths to make the obsolete roll into a new, usable size. In these ways, we turn unusable materials into valuable assets. 

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