Material / Single Stream Processing

Pioneer Industries International’s wholly owned companies operate recycling processing plants throughout the Midwest. PII’s state of the art facilities provide cost effective solutions to meet your company’s recycling needs. With its fleet of trucks and trailers, PII has the ability to either collect the material and transport back to our plant or receive delivered in material. Once the material arrives at a Pioneer recycling plant, the material is weighed and then sorted via manual and mechanical processes before the material is baled and ready for shipment. With its years of experience, PII has the ability to segregate volume and upgrade material so that we can pay our generators the highest prices for their recyclable commodities.

Our state of the art single stream system was installed and became operational during the summer of 2013 which allows Batliner the ability to receive and process commingled and mixed loads of recyclables. With just under 200,000 square feet, this facility allows us to become a full-service recycling center. Batliner OKC also boasts the only single stream sort line of its kind in Oklahoma City.The single stream line represents the newest state of the art technology in the single stream arena.