Batliner Recycling - Oklahoma City

320 N. McCormick Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73127 Phone: 405-200-1205 Fax: 405-917-9793

World Class Service and Unrivaled Integrity.

Batliner Recycling provides collection and processing services to companies and communities in Oklahoma and beyond. We buy a wide variety of loose and baled grades of recyclable materials including fiber, plastics, metal and other recyclable forms of waste. Our customized services are specifically designed to satisfy our customers’ individual needs. Our state of the art single stream system was installed and became operational during the summer of 2013 which allows Batliner the ability to receive and process commingled and mixed loads of recyclables. With just under 200,000 square feet, this facility allows us to become a full-service recycling center. Batliner OKC also boasts the only single stream sort line of its kind in Oklahoma City.The single stream line represents the newest state of the art technology in the single stream arena.