Nick Sterbach

Division President of Batliner Recycling Kansas City

Mr. Nick Sterbach graduated from Emporia State University  in 1986 with a BS in Business Administration and a BFA in Communications. Sterbach accepted a position with Batliner Paper on December 1st of 1986 as a sourcing rep for the company. He worked at this position up until February of 1994 when he accepted the position as Sales Manager. He quickly excelled in this position and accepted the title of VP of Sales and Marketing in December of that same year assuming the additional responsibility of marketing all the tons for the brokerage division as well as marketing the majority of the tons out of the plant. In October of 2002, he was promoted to President. Since that time, he has led the company through hard work and dedication by increasing the volume by more than 35%. He has assembled a great team over the past 8 plus years and has helped make Batliner Paper a leader in our industry.

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